Brawl Bolts is a draw combat adventure game blending Bolt-flinging action,
frantic draw-based tower defense and a campaign supporting 1-2 players on one iPad.

Strategically draw to build and defend your castles in a fully destructible 3D environment, while taking down your opponents in a physics-based all-out Brawl!
Free all the Bolts by yourself or co-operate with a friend to unfold a story of round heroes defying the darkest, hairiest bad guy in a 70+ mission campaign!


Build and bash castles simply by drawing on the screen!


Brawl through the campaign to free the Brawl Bolts with special powers!


Play the campaign solo and co-operatively with a friend on the same device!

Official Trailer



An ominous spell has fallen over the floating islands.
The peaceful inhabitants, the Bolts, have been possessed and turned into mindless servants of the Dark Bolt.

Only one Bolt has escaped this fate, but he needs your help
in an epic journey to stop the Dark Bolt’s plans and free the other Bolts.

Unleash their special powers and form a force to be reckoned with - the Brawl Bolts!



Hold your horses! Even if the rumors say that some Aussies have seen the game in the App Store, Brawl Bolts global launch will be later on early 2018!
The game requires an iPad with the minimum iOS version iOS8.




Brawl Bolts on Facebook.